Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sweet Venom by Tera Lynn Childs

When I bought this book, I would never have guessed
 that I would give it 4 stars (well, more like 3 1/2 stars, but it's a good day, so I'm rounding up!). 

This is the story of Grace, Gretchen and Greer, three descendants of Medusa, misaligned in history as a monster, but who is actually a protector of humans from the monster realm. Grace is a brainy girl who just moved to a new city (San Francisco) and started at a new school. Gretchen is a tough, foster child turned monster killer, and Greer is a "stuck up" debutante. Through the course of the book, they learn about each others' existence, and about their mission and duty to protect humans from monsters. They discover that each has unique gifts and powers to help them achieve this mission, and they learn that if they work together, they can succeed. 

I know this doesn't sound like the typical book I read. Here is the scenario of how I came to buy/read this book. 

BookDiva: "Dancegirl, I think you should let me start reading to you in the mornings again."
Dancegirl: "Mom, do you have to? I'd rather just get up and start practicing."
BookDiva" "It will make my heart smile and my eyes sparkle just to get to spend that time with you in the morning. Puh-Leeze! I'm begging you. With my entire heart!!"
Dancegirl: "Aargh. MOM!" (I think she was embarrassed by my soulful pleading in the Barnes and Noble Young Adult section!)
BookDiva: "And I will let you choose ANY book you want."
Danegirl: "Seriously? All right. DEAL."

So she picked a book, a paperback, and then while I was at the check out counter she came running up to me, "This one! I want this one. I want to change it out!!" So, I let her (well, I actually bought both books, so now the Book Diva has something to give Dancegirl during the next BookDiva visit.) 

And we started the next morning. And as soon as we read through page 100, Dancegirl absconded with the book and finished it in the next day or two. Then I finished reading it, and then we talked  about the story and the characters and the climactic ending during a half hour drive in the car to a doctor's appointment. . .  Just because we wanted to talk about the fun book and our thoughts about it, not because I was trying to create some sort of discussion. 

Whoo hoo. The begging was completely worth it! 

The book is a great "beach" read. Not a lot of thinking needed, but there is a plot driven story that pulls you into the adventure. The added element of the sisters learning about each other and how to work together is a nice touch. The characters are believable and interesting (although a bit stereotypical . . . but I think that is a conscious choice by the author.)  This book will appeal to "teenage" girls who like adventure stories, especially those who enjoy the Percy Jackson/Lightening Thief series. 

Dancegirl and I are reading Emma by Jane Austen now. She decided that she'd rather read classics with me (slow and steady) and read the exciting books on her own. At least she has agreed to continue to read with me!  

(But Tera Lynne Childs has some some other books I'm going to order and offer to read to Sophia (at least the first 100 pages . . .) if she starts to think my morning reading is not so fun! (Mwah ha ha ha!) 

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