Wednesday, January 4, 2012

James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl

Kid appeal: 4 stars
Mom appeal: 4 stars

Lala and I read this in January 2011, but for some reason we were talking about the story today while sweeping up the kitchen.  I think we even convinced Coconut to try it. Lala asked if we could read it again.  For some odd reason, my artist Coconut doesn't like pictures by Quentin Blake, and most of our Roald Dahl books have Quentin Blake illustrations. So I haven't been able to convince her to read much Roald Dahl (even though I know her quirky-- almost snarky-- humor would really enjoy his writing.) This version has Lane Smith illustrations, so I think I can get her to try it. 

I won't summarize the story, as I think most people have read the book, seen the movie trailer, or the movie. I saw the movie before the book and didn't like the movie, so avoided the book. But, Lala requested it (she liked the bugs on the cover) so we tried it and liked it. Roald Dahl is full of kid power and cleverness. His books make you think about what you know in new and different ways.

Quote written in the back of the book:
"This is a funny book. A so-oo funny book. I think it's getting to be my very favorite."
(Lala age 4, on page 49)

Value Tracker: kid power, cleverness (using your mind), imagination, friendship

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