Saturday, October 12, 2013

Writing in Math Class

 I have never loved math, I always joked that I went to law school because I wouldn't have to do it! I took the required math courses in high school, but never felt like I was good at it. I just memorized and plugged away and kept trying.  I did have a professor in college who inspired me and made me feel like I was good at math. She even encouraged me to major in finite mathematics! (I actually thought about it for a half of a second . . . ) So this relationship with math has definitely affected how I approach math in my homeschool. (It's not a very good attitude. I basically treat it as a necessary evil.)

Some of my children are good at math. Others are umm . . . less inclined to apply themselves! Coconut discovered through the Life of Fred series and decided she likes math, just not arithmetic. (Whew!) I came across this book through and ordered it. I read it in two days. I'm so excited to incorporate Marilyn Burn's ideas in my homeschool. All of my children enjoy writing, so I'm hoping the ideas in the book will help them feel proficient.

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