Saturday, October 12, 2013

What We've Been Reading the Past Little While . . . May 2013

I found this in my drafts and realized I hadn't posted it. Better late than never . . .

Whew. The month of May has been CRAZY.  Shakespeare Performances, end of school year testing, preparing to teach co op, getting workshops ready for various homeschool conferences, teaching music group classes, orchestra performances, chamber performances . . . my busy-ness (okay my EXTRA-busy-ness) ends in mid-June... I've just gotta hold on until then!

But, reading keeps me sane. Here is what we've been reading this month:

With The Boy:
He is such a prolific writer, I can't keep up with his novels. But, he comes into talk to me about ideas for his books while I'm cleaning the kitchen or folding laundry or he brings up ideas while we are driving to his college classes.  I amazed that he is keeping up with his 12 credit hours in 9 weeks plus continuing to write.

With Dancegirl:

We are reading the Book Thief by Markus Zuzak, one of my very favorite books, but it is difficult to read aloud. Plus Dancegirl has had an erratic schedule with dance performances for her performing arts school, dance rehearsals for Academy of Ballet, plus Shakespeare . . .we haven't been super consistent, only getting in one or two mornings per week, and last week, we didn't get any sessions in. I may have to change the book to something she craves in the morning, hmmmm . . .something to think about.

With Cupcake:

Cupcake has never read Princess Academy by Shannon Hale. I couldn't believe it. She said she started it a couple of years ago, but it didn't seem too interesting, so she put it down. We are halfway through it this time around and she is enjoying it. It's been nice to have a sweet story to look forward to reading over her breakfast of Honey Nut Cheerios each  morning. We've talked about Miri's feelings of inadequacy, and how learning is helping her overcome those feelings, and also how we could notice when people are dealing with those feelings and help them along.

With Coconut:

I enjoy Richard Peck. His Grandma Dowdle stories are among my favorite family read alouds. Fair Weather is a Richard Peck novel that I haven't heard much about. It has some really funny parts, and Coconut and I are quite enjoying it together. It's about a "country" family heading into the city at the invitation of a rich aunt to see the once in a lifetime spectacle of the World's Fair: Columbian Exposition held in Chicago in 1893.

With Lala:

We are currently experiencing Moffat family mania. We read The Moffats last month and are now onto the Middle Moffat. Eleanor Estes is superb! I also adore the new covers by a favorite illustrator, Tricia Tusa. (I loved her illustrations in The Magic Hat by Mem Fox)

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