Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Selection by Kiera Cass

Dancegirl picked this book. At the beginning of the school year, for her homeschool English with me, she picked three books, I picked three books, and we picked three classics together. This was one of her picks. 

Dancegirl read it the first week it came in the mail in early October. She said it was good. I finally got to it this weekend, and read it in a day. It's a fun read, kind of a non-violent Hunger Games meets Miss America. (And kind of like I imagine the TV show the Bachelor would be . . . but I've never seen it.)

America Singer lives in Illea, a country that has recently recovered from war, and still subject to terrorist attacks. There is a well defined caste system, and America, although in a fairly low (artist/musician) caste, she is illegally in love with a boy from an even lower caste. She wins the opportunity to go to the castle and compete with 35 girls for the heart and hand of Prince Maxom (who lives a secluded life due to the terrorist threat). She agrees to "compete", thinking that she can benefit her family, raise her own caste, and then marry her real love. But, she and Prince Maxom hit it off (as friends), and suddenly she isn't sure about which is the best path for her.

3/5 stars . . . fun "teen" read. There is opportunity for discussion on the role of government, leadership, friendship, and love. It was a perfect book for my young adult daughter looking for light reading that ended up having some good (and potentially deep) discussion points! 

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