Thursday, June 14, 2012

Patriotic Reading in July

I like to read "theme" books around holidays . . . I  read Jesus the Christ by James Talmage from Christmas to Easter, and I read The Meanest Mother in the World by Kate Klise and Sarah Klise and Tough Chicks by Cece Meng every Mother's Day. And I always look forward to Christmas picture books. . . it's an addiction of sorts.
Around Independence Day, I like to read some sort of patriotic book. I've read 1776 and John Adams by David McCullough and America' s Women by Gail Collins. Also things like The Real George Washington and The Real Thomas Jefferson. (They haven't always been "lofty" however .  . . I have read Sally Hemings!)
Anyway, at the bookstore yesterday I stumbled across The American Spirit and read the first few pages, then came home and ordered it on Amazon. (With my homeschool discount paperbacks are about the same price as Amazon at the bookstore, but I get my picture books and hardbound books online. Cheating? Maybe. If Barnes and Noble would send good coupons, I'd buy from them!) 
I think it will give me patriotic stories to tell at dinnertime, and things to read aloud during our family devotionals in July (our July family value is almost always something patriotic: freedom, liberty, patriotism or something like that.) I haven't started reading it yet, but I'll let you know how it goes in July. 

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