Friday, August 13, 2010

Lady Lollipop by Dick King Smith

 Kid Appeal: 5 stars
Parent Appeal: 5 stars

Lady Lollipop by Dick King Smith
Sallie and I read this in July 2010. She absolutely loved it. There is a simple pencil drawing on nearly every page which helped keep her interested, and the story was perfect for my four year old (somewhat spoiled) princess. It's about a (very) spoiled princess who wants a pig for her birthday. She gets the pig, but the pig, named Lollipop, will only obey its trainer, Johnny Skinner. So the trainer moves into the palace stables along with the pig. Johnny Skinner ends up training not the pig, but the the princess . . . to think of others and to not act so spoiled. The king is so impressed with Johnny, that at the end of the book, he makes Johnny a duke and Lollipop a lady.  We could easily read one or two chapters in a sitting, and Sallie often asked to read just one more chapter. (You gotta love that!) 

This book will appeal to: 
Those who enjoyed the movie or the book  Babe The Gallant Pig will enjoy this book by the same author, Dick King Smith. This is a great read aloud for little ones just beginning to enjoy listening to chapter books. Older independent readers (maybe up to age 7)  will enjoy the pig's antics and the and the interaction between Johnny and the Princess. 

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